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Our Personnel

3U key personnel are listed below. 3U Technologies specializes in providing highly experienced personnel with proven abilities to think across technical and industry boundaries. This enables 3U to provide creative solutions to difficult challenges based on proven technology.

  • E. Wayne Hughes
    President & CEO

    Mr. Hughes has over 40 years experience in various technical and management positions in commercial industry. He founded 3U Technologies, LLC (3U) in 1998. His technical experience covers a wide range of technologies from aerospace to underwater and includes telerobotics, cable design, systems engineering, submarine cables, underwater vehicles, and deep ocean operations. Mr. Hughes...

  • Charles L. Collins, Jr.
    Executive VP

    Mr. Collins has 45 years of experience in a broad range of marine and underwater projects. Skilled in maritime operations, program and project management, systems engineering, technology development, acquisition support, subcontract management, business/financial management and logistics support with a key focus towards international marine system solutions. He has directly...

  • George H. Seltzer
    Principal Engineer

    Mr. Seltzer joined 3U in 1999. He has over 30 years experience in both technical and management positions in government and industry. He has worked in the submarine cable industry and the civil engineering construction industry, as well as many others. He has worked worldwide and successfully managed projects with budgets exceeding US$100 million.

  • Donald W. Welch
    Senior Program Manager

    Dr. Welch has over 35 years of leadership and management experience in commercial and governmental business operations. His breadth of experience includes manned and unmanned, marine and underwater systems. Dr. Welch has held senior management positions ranging from the direct management of US Navy programs to Vice-president/General Manager...

  • Larry Mackey
    Sr. Project Manager

    Mr. Mackey possesses over 35 years of extensive engineering experience associated with development aninstallation and operation of underwater and deep sea systems for a wide range of commercial, government and oil & gas applications. Specific design expertise includes systems, electrical power, electronic controls & communications, fiber optic...

  • Carl Barrett
    Sr. Project Manager

    Mr. Barrett has over 35 years of experience developing deep sea robotic systems, installing/maintaining submarine cables and solving complex marine problems since 1986. Experience includes development of specialized robotic tooling for specific operations and development, commissioning and deployment of complete robotic vehicles and...

  • Alex Miller
    Project Manager

    Mr. Miller has over 20 years of experience in the marine, underwater and remotely operated engineerinfields. He is considered to be a specialist in his field whose contributions are of the highest quality. He has complete familiarity with both Government and Industry concepts, practices, and procedures. His Project Management, Project Engineering and System Engineering experience includes...

  • James Kelly
    Chief Operating Officer

    35 years of progressively responsible technical, financial, programmatic, and contractual management experience with numerous DoD and commercial operations and production projects. A proven track record of Government and Commercial vessel and subsea engineering operations and successful P&L management. Awarded the US Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Medal in 2001.

  • April Davies

    Mrs. Davies has been a key team member in the development of multiple underwater systems which are critical to optimizing the push into deep water O&G production. These developments have included a subsea rotatable connector prototype as well as a fully compensated, scalable, electrical/data connector system...

  • Charles Dickson
    Sr. Program Manager

    Mr. Dickson has 30+ years of design and shipboard experience. Demonstrated innovation in developing and implementing cost-saving design modifications and procedures. Capability to interface with domestic and foreign vendors. Hands-on and common-sense orientation that achieves results. Demonstrated work ethic with...

    Sr. Project Manager

    Mr. Hammond joined 3U in 2018 bringing over 30 years experience from the subsea robotics industry. He is an experienced Project Manager, having managed a wide variety of projects including the development and design of ROV control and tooling systems as well as worldwide ROV subsea cable repair and burial operations along with deepwater salvage and construction operations.

  • Kenneth T. Engle
    Sr. Program Manager
    An Annapolis-trained leader with more than 30 years of experience leading diverse teams, managing complex programs, working with international partners to build trust and deliver value in high-impact, time-critical environments. Skilled in maritime operati...