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About us

Founded in 1998, 3U Technologies specializes in international business consulting, project management and engineering services. We have experience working internationally in most of the major markets in the US and around the world. In addition, we can provide a broad range of services, including project engineering, engineering design services, and engineering testing as well as specialty marine solutions to a diverse range of industries. 3U’s engineering staff has extensive experience in developing technologies underground, underwater, and under-ice. Our expert team possess experience in technologies as diverse as:

• Tele-robotics
• Terrestrial fiber optic cable design, installation, & maintenance
• Network and communications hardware design and installation
• Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) design and operation
• Submarine cable design, installation, maintenance and repair
• Specialty drilling system and drill-bit design and operation
• Autonomous vehicle design and deployment
• Manned and unmanned underwater system design and operation
• Underwater tooling design and operation.

3U’s highly experienced staff can provide superior technical solutions to your most demanding challenges under any conditions and in any industry. 3U Technologies specializes in providing timely, innovative, cost effective solutions to complex technical challenges in any environment.

Contact us
If we haven't discussed your area of need, please reach out and ask us. We're certain someone within 3U has worked in that field and is more than equipped to help.