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Carl Barrett
Sr. Project Manager

Mr. Barrett has over 35 years of experience developing deep sea robotic systems, installing/maintaining submarine cables and solving complex marine problems since 1986. Experience includes development of specialized robotic tooling for specific operations and development, commissioning and deployment of complete robotic vehicles and systems. Mr. Barrett combines experience in an array of engineering disciplines with a systems engineering approach to confidently complete complex projects in the marine environment. Carl’s education and technical expertise includes both mechanical and electrical systems with significant exposure and experience with other engineering disciplines. Experience includes extensive deployment and offshore operation of robotic systems for construction and maintenance tasks associated with subsea cable, offshore Oil & Gas, subsea search/recovery, underground drilling and other applications. Recent key projects include development and commissioning of a 6,000 meter ROV system featured in recent headline making discoveries and installation of power cables on the Oregon coast, including HDD drilled shore landings. Key expertise includes development and testing of equipment for performance of unique tasks via remote, robotic means, whether Underground, Underwater or Under-ice.